Pentecost Sunday

Acts 2:1-11            1Cor 12:3-7, 12-13        Jn 20:19-23


There was a boy riding on his bike outside a church. The priest saw him and told him to come into the church and the boy said,”…But they’ll steal my bike.” The priest explained how the Holy Spirit would take care of it, so they went inside. The priest showed the boy how to make the sign of the cross and told the boy to repeat it…”In the name of the Father, The Son…Amen” The priest said, “What about the Holy Spirit?” The boy replied, “It’s outside taking care of my bike!”

Dear friends! Great events often begin in small and hidden ways. Things which begin with a splash often go out of control, whereas those which begin quietly put down deep roots, grow steadily, and survive to produce fruit, fruit that lasts.

Today the Catholic Church contains close to one billion members – not to mention the millions of Christians belonging to other denominations. They are scattered all over the world, and come from every tribe and race and tongue. People who have been to Lourdes or Rome told me that they got the feeling of belonging to something great. They are proud to be Catholics. This is a wonderful experience. They could feel the connection.

We published our parish survey result. Most of us were surprised to see that out of 134 surveys received, only 3 families responded who were 40s. So many of you repeatedly asked the question where the young families in our church are and where are the youth and children? It’s all wonderful questions with great concern for our church community. Today as a community of believers we need to do something more than just asking those questions? It is easy to put the blame on somebody. On this feast day of Pentecost I invite to reflect what can you and I do to change.

Today is the birthday of the Church. How simply it all began. The church was born in frailty and weakness. It had no property, no buildings, no money. Its only resource was people, and there weren’t many of those. As they waited for the coming of the Spirit, all the followers of Jesus were able to fit into one room just around 120 of them just number of people who come here for every weekend Mass. They knew each other’s names. The Church was very small then. But they had spirit, and were united in prayer and charity. The Church is sustained, not by organizational structures and membership statistics, but by its prophets, martyrs and saints. We have 364 registered families in our parish. If you are willing, it’s possible to build our community in spirit united in prayer and charity. A community of faith, love and charity!

While it’s nice to belong to something big, it can be a drawback too. In fact, people are put off by the large. When an organization becomes big there is a loss of closeness, of intimacy, and of a sense of belonging. The individual tends to get lost, and may feel like a mere cog in a huge impersonal machine.

Church should never forget its humble origins. If it does, it will not value the importance of the small. We need to experience the Church as small. We need to belong to a specific community. I invite you to prayerfully consider being part of different church groups: Ushers, Greeters, Homebound Ministers, Altar Servers, Lectors, part of the youth group, KC members, Christian Service, Altar and Rosary society, Pastoral Council, Finance Council, Ed Commission, Adult faith formation, School Alumni, School Marketing Committee, a volunteer at Food pantry, Movie night etc. We can create many more such as 60+, ministry for the singles, widows and widowers.

By being part of any of one of these groups you will experience a sense of closeness, and of belonging. A sense of interdependence and of mutual service, such as Paul talks about (2nd Reading)

In this gathering, in this very church, this very day, we have all we need to experience what the apostles experienced – a group of disciples listening to the Word of God and receiving the broken bread in memory of Jesus. Let us the Holy Spirit Lord to help us. It is the Holy Spirit who binds us together and helps us to witness to Christ in the world.  It is providential that Pentecost 2012 falls on Memorial Day. Pentecost Sunday underscores our Christian mission. Memorial Day reminds us of the sacrifice required to maintain freedom. And our first, most cherished liberty is religious freedom. As remember and pray for all veterans we have a mission to protect and maintain the religious freedom.


One thought on “Pentecost Sunday

  1. The Family that prays together, stays together. So many church people sick, and they don’t know that to pray for each other, is an instruction in the New Testament, to pray for one another, in an one on one, and concord in agreement by the group assembly, it just makes sense, that the person being prayed for, would feel, the intense Love, Concern for their particular self in time of need, an understanding that God Himself, knows their problem, intimately, and would open the door for The Holy Spirit, to be especially to an opportunity to manifest, The Living Word Of God and Its Power, in the mist of a Christian, Catholic Church.

    Also, that Catholics are not instructed to even recognize, The Living Power In The Living Word Of Jesus Chris and In The Letters Of His Apostles. That they don’t gather to study the Word Of The New Testament On The Grounds Of A Christian, Church, Is this not Ironic to put it mildly?
    Is Not Jesus Christ, in deed keeping HIS WORD, that where two or three are gathered IN HIS NAME, “there AM I in the mist of them.” How can that be circumvented in such a way, that there is no BIBLE STUDY FOR THE CHRISTIAN CATHOLIC? And He isn’t allowed to see, in the company of others, in an interesting discussion of different details, that are in the Bible, and without which, they become easy prey for Evangelicals to use the Word, with an agenda of pulling the Catholics, from the church, by simply saying, “Ignorance of The Word, Is ignorance of Jesus Christ.” We all need to know The Scriptures, in order to defend the church in these times…and not be robots, without understanding. Jesus Christ says,”You are my friends, because a slave does not know what HIS Master knows, but i have told you, ALL that My Father, has told ME. Therefore, My Word, sets you FREE IN DEED.”

    Rather than rejoice, in the Freedom Of The Spirit, they are offended at being EVANGELICALS,
    but how can you be Evangelicals, without some proficiency With The Living Word, In Harmony With The Living Spirit Of God, Through Jesus Christ’s Gospel, without which there is no True Love, in this evil and perverse world…

    Nobody owns The Gospel, whomsoever, is still a Gospel word, found often, and many times said by Jesus Christ, I wish in prayer, that EVERYBODY, would recognize this, and not think that they have an exclusive right, but to the contrary it is for every creature to be preached and received in the heart, that we my not sin against GOD, by the knowledge of Jesus Christ Everlasting Living Word, Amen.

    At Confirmation, Every Student, should be well versed in The Scriptures, that they have what with to resist the wiles of the devil, and renounce satan…

    Since, 3rd. grade, through 12th I have been in Catholic School, and except for vocalizing at mass, knew NOTHING of the Scriptures, I feel, somebody failed me, in the GOSPEL, HIS WORD…but what a difference when I opened to the Gospel, through Jesus Christ, then I can hold my own, and know “THE PRESENCE OF “THE LIVING WORD”in Jesus Christ…

    I hate to accuse, but on whose side are those that know “THE WORD OF GOD?”
    And what indeed, have you got to give, worth keeping?
    Jesus Christ says,”My Word if it Abides In You, You can ask what you will and it shall be done.”
    and the Word Of God came to them and they were “SET FREE INDEED.”

    Just another Christian Catholic.

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